Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 18

Well it has just said on the news, dear Reader, that this snow might last until the middle of next month! Shocker. I can remember Easter being usually when the weather gets warmer, in fact I can remember some real scorcher days at Easter and dare I even say... days even wearing shorts and t-shirts!

Feeling a bit better today ,dear Reader,my eyes now look like two deflated balloons now the swelling as gone down. So it does take a while before they get back to normal. One of the things with this allergy is that you can bruise easily and you can often look like you have got two black eyes.  Good news I may be able to leave the house really soon, after spending time and getting bored on daytime telly; I found eBay most entertaining, so far buying: three handbags; ten DVDs; 32 CDS and a Womble lamp! Stir crazy I have been! PayPal is my best friend at the moment. I also went up in the loft to see if I could find some stuff to flog, could not find any of my own stuff, but found loads of the hubbie's stuff to put on!!! 

Anyway dear Reader, speaking of lofts, when a was around seven years old I used to go to my auntie's house a lot to play with my cousins. My aunt collected different glass bottles and she had them on display all the way up her staircase; they were beautifully displayed. One of my cousins was a little older than me and he decided that he wanted to explore the loft, but when he asked my aunt she told him he could not go up there because there was no flooring up there and it was not safe. So we all returned back to what we were doing, when all  of a sudden there was a mighty crash from upstairs  and the sound of clanking and breaking glass. We rushed to see what the noise was and there still falling like domino rally was my aunts bottles each falling and knocking the next one in line over until they reached the bottom of the stairs and that was not all dear Reader, at the top of the stairs hanging out of a big hole were two legs. My cousin had taken upon himself to go in the loft and fallen through the ceiling! "I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO UP THERE!" Yelled my aunt. And somewhere above the pair of legs a little voice came through "I was walking on my tippy-toes!" A neighbours ladder was quickly sought and my cousin was freed from his predicament and was luckily unhurt, the biggest casualty being the ceiling and my aunts collection of glass bottles.  Not long after my aunt took up collecting plates.

Evening all x x x

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