Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 2

My lovely hubby had surprised me with taking the day off work so we could spend the day together.  Shopping and a nice lunch and a film followed. Romantic setting in the snow too... well if it wasn't so cold anyway!

Gym later to work that lunch off. Gyms I discovered a couple of weeks ago can be very bad for your health. I attend a local gym four times a week and this one particular time, I had just arrived at the gym, spotted a treadmill not in use. Well as soon as I stepped on the treadmill I knew I was in BIG trouble... Some idiot at left it on :0 Just as soon as my foot went on that treadmill I was thrown of my feet and before I knew it I was flat on my face. I was battered and bruised and so cross. Who would leave a treadmill on??? How did they get off it running??? Why had I not seen it moving??? Call Sherlock Holmes. Anyway no broken bones luckily. So gyms can be seriously bad for your health... Just saying.

I can not drink alcohol with my allergies, so my tipple as been Diet Cola since I hung up my wine rack. (I know how to live don't I) But I feel my love affair with this beverage to be coming to an end. I do not drink loads of the stuff. Just a few cans a week and lately I have noticed that either my clothes are shrinking in the wash or I may have had a slight expansion on the waist line. So I think it as to be the Diet Coke. Diet gone more like. So I will be toning it down and out. Anyone else noticed Diet Coke makes you put weight on???

Oh well it is back to the books for me tomorrow. Got a lot of books to work through for review. But first a catch up with friends and then the gym after Nikki 0 Treadmill1.

Evening all x x

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