Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 13

Howdy dear Reader, and what a day it has been snow, snow and more snow. So hard to believe Easter is almost here and that many times this time of the year the weather has actually been warm at Easter. So warm at times it as been short and t-shirt weather. I was so cold when I went out that I am seriously thinking of investing in a woolly warm hat. I am, after all, thirty-nine now so I could get away with wearing a hat for warmth and not for fashion I think. 

Managed to get through another book today in my never ending to read and review pile.  Nothing for it in this weather but to stay in and read and watch a good film too called the The Lady that Vanished, I had actually asked the hubby to Sky+ me the new version that was on TV this week but by chance the old version had been on this week too. So guess which one I got??? Yes the 1979 film, but it was actually quite good, fantastic cast it had too. I noticed it was made by Hammer Films. When my parents divorced in the 80's we use to go stay at my father's on a weekend and he would let us stay up late and watch Hammer Films. Now I know I do my Paranormal thing but believe you and me I am such a scaredy cat and do not like watching horror films. Well I can watch them from behind a cushion. But I enjoyed Hammer Films and recently when my Pa was sixty I bought him the Hammer Horror box set, because when I look back now they were happy times. My Pa now no longer lives near me, so I do not get to see him often but every time I watch a Hammer film I will think of him!! Ha ha.

 My brother Jay who is now actoooor used to have a thing about watching the Superman films in the 80's; the Christopher Reeves ones. It was ages until he had his own Superman costume so he use to improvise by asking us all to tie a towel round is neck for his cape. Well what as this to do with Hammer Horror films? I hear you say dear Reader. Well when Jay watched Superman 3, when it got to the bit were Superman turns bad and he fights himself, (if you have not seen Superman 3 oops I gave the plot away)  this use to frighten our Jay, who I better point out was only around three at the time. Better point this out dear Reader don't want you imagining a guy in his thirties running around with a towel as a cape on!! Ha  Ha. Well when this bit of the film came on our Jay would go into the kitchen and open the cupboard door and hide behind it until it was over.  He watched that film over and over again and each time he would go into kitchen and hide behind a cupboard door till it was over. It did not surprise me at all when he went into acting he use to know all the lines in that film, word for word. All the different parts too including all of Lois Lane's lines.  Speaking of brothers and Superheroes, my other brother when he was in primary school aged five asked to go to the toilet and he came back to the classroom dressed as Spider man! He must have had the costume on under his school uniform.  I bet my Ma got a, "Can we have a word Mrs T?" At the end of that school day!

So do you remember Hammer Horrors dear Reader? or did you have a favourite Superhero? Are you batty about Batman?  By the way mine was Wonder Woman and I spent a lot of the late 70's early 80's in a dizzy daze with all that spinning around in circles (only fans of Wonder Woman will get that). Drop me a comment in the box below and do share your superhero horror moments.

Evening all x x x

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