Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 5

So we have a new Pope and I guessed his name right too on my facebook page, might just find I have the gift at thirty-nine. The gift is what my family call the psychic abilities that some members of my family have. My father Terry Tasker is a well known medium who you can find at The Spiritual Association Of Great Britain in Belgravia London. My grand-mother had the gift and her father before her and so it goes back generations. So yes I should have been the one who was next in line, but it seems to have missed me so far. Well I have had one or two things happen that I can't explain but nothing special really. My father can hear and see spirit people and he says the film Ghost is the nearest it comes to show what it is like. Now I am not saying he is like Whoopi Goldberg in that movie. Who was brilliant for her comical performance, I mean what it is like for the spirit people!!

So quite an interesting upbringing I had with my dad, (to quote from Six Sense) seeing dead people. In fact quite a interesting upbringing all round on the religious front, my mum was in the Salvation Army. (Oh and my best friend was Catholic) My parents divorced in 1985 not due to religious differences though but due to by then they were driving each other round the bend!! Just kidding they actually have stayed very good friends.

Now were was I reader, oh yes interesting upbringing between the two churches. I remember been involved in Salvation Army activities such as Singing company and being a Junior soldier. I also attended their youth clubs and Brownies. In Batley, now oddly enough my father was president at Batley Spiritualist church when we were growing up and that was not far from the Salvation Army. I loved my father's little church which was in a little house in Batley. I loved the service there too and everyone was really friendly. After service people would stay for a cup of tea and a natter. I divided my time and childhood between the two churches. But I liked the spiritualist one the best. You just never knew what would happen during a service. By that I don't mean chandeliers shaking and a breaking or things going bump. It is not like that, I mean with the people attending or the medium who is taking the chair. Just people. People are so interesting, I love people watching. Two things I was taught when I learnt the craft of acting, one do as much theatre as you can for experience and two people watch. You learn so much people watching. Interesting people would come through the doors at my father's church.... I am talking the living ones! I think what my own, some would say strange religious background as made me see that there is good in all religions and you can take good things from each one. I may not have the gift but I do have an interest in the paranormal and do research and investigate things to do with paranormal. It as made me very open minded.  But if I do see a ghost dear reader you will be first to know! 

Evening all x x x

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