Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 19

Well I finally made it out of the house today dear Reader... well only to do the supermarket shopping, so nothing exciting really. I was in the queue at the check out when a lady who works at the supermarket said to me "do you want to go to till number two?" "Because there is no queue there" Well let me tell you reader I was about to discover exactly why there was no queue at till number two. "Do you want any help with your shopping?" The checkout girl politely asks me "no thank you" I answer equally polite. Well then dear Reader my shopping flew down the conveyor belt at an alarming speed that was impossible for me to keep up and pack without it piling up. She was so fast, it reminded me of my time in the student days during the summer holidays, spent working packing in a bubble bath factory. I kept thinking she will stop in a moment give me a chance to catch up, but no, she seemed to pick up her speed and it got faster and faster. I actually broke out in a sweat because I like to organise my shopping--you know tins in one bag toiletries in another etc. Well not to lose faith that I was not keeping up, my system went completely to pot. My usually nice and neatly packed shopping bags now looked like a mountain of mess. Stuff was getting squashed too, like when they have children from a variety of different clubs and activities packing your shopping to collect money for their charity bucket. I always say "no thank you" to these packers too, after the time it took me about three hours to work out what an unrecognised item of my shopping was after been squashed so much. It turned out to be a squashed Batten Berg. But I do always put money in their bucket so I am not a complete moaning minnie here! So back to that check out, I think in almost twenty years of doing my own food shopping I have never been through a till so fast. Make no wonder there was no queue there. I bet she has a reputation for destroying shopping with her fast moves and everyone avoids her and the till. Or maybe it is just due to just how fast she works that there is such a fast service at her till that there is no time ever for a queue to ever form. I felt like I had just been through a car wash, or I was going to get my speed on the Top Gear board! I would love to tell you, dear Reader that this speediness continued with me when I got home to put away the shopping, but no, I needed a nice cup of tea and a sit down when I got back. Then it took me over an hour to put all my miss-mashed shopping away. I just hope next week I remember to avoid till number two, because with another weeks practice training in, this check out girl is going to be at Olympic status and I don't fancy my chances or maybe next time when she asks if I want any help with my shopping I should say YES!

Evening all x x x

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