Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 8

Have you ever wondered, dear Reader, what the point of us having dreams is? What are dreams all about? I am not talking about dreams which are about hopes and aspirations for the future, I am talking about the dreams you have whilst you are asleep. Recently I have been having dreams, dreams that play out in my mind like films whilst I am asleep. They are so real, it is like I am really there. Dreams are something we cannot control and I wonder what is their purpose? Lately a lot of my dreams involve travel to the seaside. I did have a dream dictionary bought for me some years back that is supposed to infer your dreams. When I looked up travel it said "you are going on an emotional journey." Who writes this stuff? And how do they know all the answers anyway?  It is like horoscopes; how can each star sign and horoscope be the same for a lot of people?  But we still read them don't we, dear Reader.

I often wish I could control my dreaming and dream about my grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago.  It would be lovely just to see her again even if it were just a dream. It would be really good too if dreams could tell you what to do at times too, like be good at giving you advice or warnings when things are about to happen. I have met and worked with people who have claimed to have premonitions before tragic events, so I do believe it can happen.

We all have had nightmares too. What are they all about? I had a nightmare the other week, I dreamt my cat Spook was eaten by a mouse. Not a huge enormous mouse but a little tiny normal mouse.  But it was so real! Why would these random dreams just appear in your head like that? Have you noticed that even something as illogical as a tiny mouse eating a cat is in your dream is completely logical and accepted to be normal too. But in real life you just know that these things would never happen... or am I dreaming? 
Evening all x x x

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