Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 45

Dear Reader, it has been on the news that they are looking for people to go live on Mars. Mars, imagine that? I mean is it even possible to live on Mars? I wish I had paid more attention at school in Science. Could you do it dear Reader? I think it is a hoax to be honest, I thought it would be too hot to live there and no atmosphere would be a problem for breathing wouldn't it? They say they are going to televise it too, like some mega Big Brother show.  Imagine if you got there and you didn't like it, you could not just walk out could you there are not any: cars, buses and planes to get you out of there. A television producer's dream for good television. 

Reality TV gone bonkers. This is apparently going to happen in 2023. I would need that long to decide what to pack. I mean what do you pack to wear on Mars? I wonder if they do the space suits in a plush pink. I might be tempted then. It also said that they would give you eight years training. Eight years training to do what? We are educated on Earth for as long as we are at school, because we live on quite a complicated planet with lots going on. But on Mars I should think it would be only a case of remembering to put on the space suit when you go out or you will fry and let's face it dear Reader you are not going to forget that are you?

The main reason I would not go is I like my home comforts too much. I would miss my: family, friends, telly, shopping and eating out. I  just think there would not be any hot water would there? Imagine that you are on one of the hottest planets and you have no hot water.

I think I will stick to Scarborough thank you very much :)

Evening all x x x

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