Friday, 12 April 2013

Day 34

Well it looks like I am in for a weekend of Formula One, dear Reader. The Hubby is a fan and I am not. I just can't see the point in watching little cars go round and round in circle. Can you dear Reader? I don't see the point either in paying all that money to watch Formula One either. What do you get? About three seconds of noisy cars going by, blink and you miss it until it comes all the way round again for another three seconds. It is the same thing when you have just missed a bus and you see it zooming past wondering when the next one will arrive.

I would much rather spectate something like Strictly Come Dancing, pure entertainment and value for money from start to finish. Nice dancing; nice music; nice people and Brucie. I was hoping that along with the BBC coming up North, so would Strictly which would make it easier for me to travel to but no, it is one of the only things staying in London. Still it is closer than jetting off to follow Formula One.

So cars win this weekend.  But they are racing cars, are they not, dear Reader. So that must mean the time will go by very fast!

Evening all x x x

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