Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 36

I awoke this morning with a sore throat and generally feeling awful, dear Reader. Not a good feeling at all. I am blaming it on the weather, one minute it is hot then it is cold. Or if you are shopping and you are out in the cold and then into the sometimes the overly warm and often too hot shops. I hate air conditioning too, that makes me too cold. I hate been ill too. 

I remember when I was ill when I was a child, it meant your pillow and duvet downstairs on the sofa and watching daytime TV not that there was much to watch back in the 1980's until we got Neighbours and Home and Away. Before it was something called The Love Boat and Knots Landing. I remember watching Neighbours and thinking it was brilliant. It was not long before it was on after school, so I use to watch it all the time everyday. I remember the actor Alan Dale was in it for years and years and since leaving he is now a huge American star, who has appeared in many big American shows. But for us 80s teens it was Scott, Kylie, Charlene and Jason that we were all into. The wedding between Scott and Charlene was the best episode ever, oh and that song. Do you remember it dear Reader?  Of course I would say I was into The Smiths or some other cool band to my friends, but yes I was a Kylie and Jason fan. I can even remember when I got my first full time job in 1990 that when I was told I would finish at 5.30pm my first thought was I will miss Home and Away and five minutes of Neighbours! At the time Home and Away was on at 5.10pm and then you could turn straight over for Neighbours at 5.35pm. So it was a case of setting the video timer to record.

Does anyone remember how complicated the video timer was to set to record? You needed a degree in setting this gadget. It was so difficult. Well our machine was. At the time too I lived with my grandparents. All through her life my gran embraced and got on with new technology, but she nor I could not set that timer. My uncle even wrote a step by step guide for us to explain how to do it. Many a times we tried only to have taped the wrong show. One day we cracked it though and I got my episodes and my Aussie soap fix. This went on for many years. I can not remember exactly when I stopped watching them or why. Life got busier I suppose. Home and Away and Neighbours are still going. I do not think they are as big as they were back in the eighties but they are still going. Not that I am tempted to start watching them again. 

It is amazing how we got through these phases of things that really mattered to us a lot at one time. How much we liked them and enjoyed them and then suddenly one day things change and you move on... now I have the re runs of Knots Landing to watch!

Evening all x x x


  1. Nikki - I had a deprived childhood, I grew up in the days of black and white TV. Shock horror. Colour television was just coming in during the late 60's and I used to have to trudge across country from the halls of residence at Teacher Training College with other students to a village pub in order to watch STAR TREK in colour. In fact, when I married Bongo Man in 1973 we couldn't afford a colour television because they cost something like £250 and my teaching salary came to about £83 a month! Then we started RENTING a colour tv until finally in 1977 we bought a portable one for some unearthly price. My fav progs in those days were POLDARK, THE GOOD LIFE the Sunday Serial (whatever it was) and all the old comedies you can see on UK Gold. I think I'll stick with the 21st century, thanks !!

  2. Hi Lizzie, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences. My hubby is a BIG Star Trek fan and I bought him the DVD boxsets, which we are currently watching, me for the first time. Hubby must have watched the reruns in the 80's because like me he was born in 1974. I can remember when the hubby and I bought our first brand new TV set in the 90's and they were a lot more expensive then than they are today too. I have seen Poldark, we use to sell things on ebay videos and a few years ago Poldark was one of the things that would sell for a good amount of money on video on ebay. So we had found a copy and I watched it to make sure it worked ok for us to sell. I really enjoyed it. Love The Good Life too, all though I do remember Ever Decreasing Circles much better!