Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 51

Dear Reader, on the news today was a murder mystery weekend; two people really got murdered. Reads like something from Inspector Morse doesn't it dear Reader? But sadly it is a true story. It happened in a hotel in Essex. The bodies of a man in his thirties and a woman in her twenties were found in the swimming pool.  Police are now investigating to see why these people ended up dead in the pool. It's always sad when people lose their lives in such tragic circumstances and it will be interesting to see what the conclusion is to this mystery. The trouble is that the news reports show things that happened but rarely show you the outcome from these mysteries. I hope they find out what happened for the families of the victims.

Speaking of television shows, I am hooked on watching all the crime and mystery programmes and there are so many on at the moment aren't there, dear Reader? CSI; CSI New York (Not sure why they got rid of CSI Miami) Bones, Elementary; The Mentalist and more. I have just started watching Jonathan Creek from the beginning. They are popular these kind of shows too. I watch them because I like to solve the mystery. I am usually wrong!  The clues are always there right in front of you too. It's always the last twist at the end that throws you. But it is entertaining television and it makes the ironing go by a lot faster!

Now to solve the mystery of what to cook for dinner!

Could this be a case for the one and only?

Evening all x x x

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