Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 30

I went on a bit of an adventure today, dear Reader. Well I say an adventure, because after being stuck in the house for ages with my allergy, it felt good to be out and about. Today myself, Master L and Miss C went on a rather long train journey to visit the brand new member of our extended family ... a little baby girl.

The day started off good. My two teens surprised me by getting up early all by themselves with out me having to nag them to get up and scream "come on we are going to be late" one hundred times. But to be on the safe side I had planned to set off ages before the train was due, to allow time for the cries of "come on we are going to be late." 

So there we were in town with lots of time to kill. So we had a nice stroll around to pass the time. We had just enough time left to call at the loos at Asda and pick up some magazines and then there was just enough time to get the tickets and wait for the train. Everything was going brilliantly.

When we were in the queue to pay Miss C, who had said she had not decided to take a loo stop, decided that she now needed to make one. "Okay but be quick, we must go for the train now." Then I asked her to meet us on the benches outside ASDA so that we could get straight round to the station. "Okay" Miss C says.

Well when myself and Master L came out of ASDA, dear Reader, there was no sign of Miss C so I went into the loos and shouted "Miss C are you still in here, because it is time for the train" to which I got no answer, so panicking I then rushed frantic around ASDA looking for her. It was getting closer to the time for the train and I still had to buy the tickets. I had felt cold when I had made my own loo stop and had put a fleece on under my coat, and now I was panicking and sweating. Thinking I have been so organised and now at the last minute my fourteen year old as got herself lost.

Pacing up and down now and yes cursing, dear Reader; as well as speaking out loud to myself "where the hell is she?" A few times one of the staff, a cleaning ace, said to me "excuse me love are you looking for a teenage girl?" To which I said "Yes."  "She is in the toilets putting her make up on" the ace tells me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! So I rush in toilet and there she is stood coat off; hair down makeup bag out. My teen had ignored me completely when I had called for her in the loos, and was now calmly applying lipstick and foundation and redoing her hair. So I told Miss C we had to go for the train NOW! 

So what followed was the three of us running to the station, well apart from Miss C, who was trailing miles behind, but luckily I did not have to queue for our tickets so I managed to get them and get us all on the platform and as we put our feet on the last step up, the announcer called "the train now arriving on Platform 2..." our train was just pulling in the station! We just made it, I then drank a whole bottle of water straight off after working up a sweat, only to need another loo stop, but the train loos were out of order and I had to sit cross-legged for the rest of the long journey!

When we arrived at our destination, we did end up having a fantastic day. With family and some nice cuddles with a brand new baby, a lovely lunch and what was to be a much more relaxed journey home!

Evening all x x x

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