Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 27

BRAS! Dear Reader, that is what had caused my latest allergic reaction. I have an allergy to nickel and I avoid all clothes which have nickel on them only buying them if the nickel is painted; well I have just discovered that the paint can wash off after several washes exposing the nickel, that is nickel dear Reader not nipples as I wrote on my Facebook page by mistake! On my status too and I never noticed! Wondered why my phone was going a bit bonkers all day and to think it was ages until I looked at my phone. so it was there, I was well and truly exposing myself by a Facebook status for a good few hours! Ha ha!

So problem solved I will now have to quality check all my clothes after washing to avoid such things as sitting in a doctor's waiting room, that is full of people, like I did yesterday and people can stare dear Reader. It was like they can't believe what they are looking at so they do a double take and then stare. My face was in a bad way so with the big red blotches and swelling I suppose I am quite the tourist attraction to have a good gawp at! Anyway thanks to the steroids I am already looking more normal. To think I had a massive big bright red spot on my back too, exactly where the hooks were reacting! Almost pointing to what the problem was like a giant arrow. "LOOK HERE!" It was almost saying but no, I did not pick up on it.

Since been in my mid-thirties I have always had to remove said bra once I am in the comfort of my own home anyway and sometimes I might get in my PJs but I had put this down to my age and why should us girls not be comfy when we are at home. So there it is blame it on the bras, dear Reader.

I got my first invite today, wait for it dear Reader, to bingo! it came about through the big book blog tour I did today dear Reader where one of the big bingo halls was mentioned and one of my friends who happens to be thirty-nine too, said she thinks it is time we took up this activity. I asked who else would be joining us and she said no one had got back to her yet!

My own personal experience of a big bingo hall is years ago I went to bingo with my Mum and her friends. I was only supposed to be dropping them off in the car but I thought I will go in and give it a go. What struck me is just how serious the game is to the players who attend these big bingo halls. They are proper professional and most play about one hundred cards at a time.  Nothing stops for bingo as I was about to discover. When a player dropped her pen and I kindly went under the table to pick it up for her, banging my head on the table and knocking myself out at the same time, I was left lying there until that had finished and I was even told off for messing about during the big win! 

But my best bingo experience was when I went to the local village hall to play bingo with my Aunt when I was twelve and we played for packets of biscuits and such other luxury items. A chance to win a whole packet of biscuits at twelve how exciting would that be?!

Evening all x x x


  1. Isn't life peculiar!Nickel in bras..... The only time I had a severe allergic reaction was when I was given some 'posh' soap. Withing 20 mins, I was coming out in raised wheal and over the course of a night, they worked their way round my body,you could actually watch their progress, finally ending up on my ankles..then going. It was the weirdest thing..but it gave me an insight into what you poor guys go though. The itchyness!!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carol and sharing your soapy experience and posh soap too. My Bras were posh ones too. I think we should avoid anything posh in future do you? x

  3. Oh yes the bingo hall is not to be entered lightly! I used to go with the ex-mother-in-law where I discovered even the most mild mannered blue-rinsed "ladies" have an evil side!

  4. Hi Kerry, it is ever man for himself in Bingo isn't it? I also liked the little bingo places they have at sea-side towns when you sit on the little stools and light the boards up in front of you. Many happy memories sitting in them with my lovely gran in Scarborough. Lovely prizes too and so much calmer, than the big halls. Thanks for stopping by Kerry, Have a great weekend :)