Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 48

The teens had an inset day today dear Reader, and I was shocked to see Miss C up bright and early at eight am this morning. Usually it is a stressful job getting her up and ready for school in time and today the day she could have lie in, she was up and about and in a good mood too. Amazing. I asked her if she wanted to go into town and she said yes. So a big pile of ironing and two episodes of Jonathan Creek later and she is still not dressed and was saying 
"I can't be bothered." So apart from me discovering just how good Jonathan Creek is not much happened today dear Reader.

I am going to have to hit the books, dear Reader, my read and review pile is huge. I love my job. It is such a rewarding job and you never know what you will be reading next. You learn so much from reading many books too. I think you learn something new from every book we read. They say never judge a book by its cover and that is so true, through my job I have read and enjoyed many a book that I would never have selected if I had chose my own read.

My love of reading came to me through a great-aunt who we called Nanny. She was called Nanny because when we were small she always gave us bananas and I could not say banana--it would come out nanny, so the name stuck. She was always Nanny to all the children in the family. A great name for such a kind and wonderful lady, who although passed away when I was just aged eleven gave me many happy memories. Nanny would buy me Enid Blyton books every Christmas and birthday. I was mesmerised by 'The Faraway Tree' and could not get enough of Moonface and the gang.  I ended up with quite a collection of these fantastic books and as I got older went on to 'Malory Towers', 'Famous Five' and 'Secret Seven.'

My parents also use to buy us Storyteller when we were children. Do you remember Storyteller dear Reader? For those that don't it was a wonderful, colourful magazine filled with fabulous stories and poems. It came with a cassette that had actors reading the stories and you could read along with the tape. Some of the stories were short but some of them were told in parts and continued in the next issue. One of the stories told in each issue was Gobbolino the Witch's Cat. I loved that story. It became the highlight of getting Storyteller, to find out what would happen next in the Gobbolino story. I liked it that much that for my ninth birthday I asked for a cat just like Gobbolino. So I could name my cat Gobbolino. Well for you that know the story, you will know this will have been a difficult job for my parents. I am sure you will remember, dear Reader, the Gobbolino was a black cat with one white paw. So what a  job my parents must have had trying to find a black cat with one white paw! Anyway they could not find one, but on my ninth birthday I was given a beautiful all black cat. 

As it happens my cat Gobbolino must have had quite an adventure just like his name sake, because one day dear Reader he just disappeared. I was not worried at first because when we had got him he was a cat that could take care of himself. Once when my Grandparents had visited with her two dogs, Gobbolino had sprung into action pinning my poor Gran and her two large dogs against the wall; unable to move as he spat and hissed at them. When we went to the local Salvation Army to do activities like Sunday school and Brownies etc Gobbolino would walk with us, not next to us like a dog, but along the wall sometimes or out of sight... but you knew he was there. He would make appearances on the walk down and wait while we had finished and then he would walk back up with us. So he was a cat more than capable of looking after himself.

We searched everywhere for him, and there was no sign. Eventually we gave up, thinking we would never see him again... until one day, it must have been over twelve months since he went missing and there he was dear Reader! When we got up one morning he was sat like he always did on the doorstep waiting to come in! Like nothing had happened. If only cats could talk, dear Reader, and he could tell us exactly where he had been. But to this day it is a mystery.

Now I told you dear Reader, that my parents must have looked really hard for a cat all black with one white paw, but while in ASDA car park last week guess what I saw? Yes, a black cat with one white paw! I wonder if they had named it Gobbolino?

Evening all x x x

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