Monday, 22 April 2013

Day 44

Monday, Monday, dear Reader. The start of a brand new week. The end of the weekend. The... lets crack on shall we dear Reader. Well Mr L finally got his letter from the National Insurance to sort out his number, only to find that they had sent him the wrong form out! So we are back to square one to trying to sort it out.

Speaking of sending the wrong forms out this use to happen a lot at my teens primary school. I had gone in the school to make a complaint. I hate complaining dear Reader, but trust me in this case I had good cause to complain. It was not long before I saw a difference in the way the school secretary treated me. You know that they have a kind of policy where every parent is treated equal, well scrap that idea, because I became her public enemy number one.

You know you can tell can't you when someone just does not like you? Well it was like that. She would become very argumentative with me over the silliest of things. In the case of the complaint my child had been the victim and it was like she was trying to turn us into the bad guys, while the persons we had complaint about was made to be good. I once went into the school office to hand in Miss C parents evening reply slip and she snatched it out of my hand. Scribbled the name of my daughters class teacher off that I  had addressed the letter to and said "This letter will have to go to the head teacher" It was just  slip of paper with a tick in the box that said that we would be attending.

Then it started my children did not get important letters home. Then when we requested the letters, the wrong ones were always sent out. Then she argued with me about an incident that happened with one of my children when it had been recorded down what happened had actually happened. I use to avoid going into the office it was so uncomfortable. Many people had said to me I should sue the school for the incident that happened in school to my child. But I had thought I will go in talk to them and try and sort it out with the school. I had made it known how unhappy I was with the situation that happened and things that had happened since then.  I had a fair point to put across. But now I was facing the wrath of the school secretary.

I avoided going into the office and any communication I had with the school was done through e mail. Which they strangely never got. I should point out the school head teacher had been quite reasonable and so had my children's form teachers. But the Secretary BIG problem. When she accused us of not paying for a school trip and I was made to take in a bank statement showing that the money had indeed been taken our bank account, that was the final straw for me and I decided if anything needed a parent going into school I would send the hubby in.

We did not have to wait long before the next problem. One of my children was about to make the transition to high school and we had not got the letter with the dates of  the visits to the high school. So I sent the hubby in. I had thought it might be me that was the problem, that maybe I was imagining it as she seemed really nice and pleasant to every one else. But when the hubby arrived back, he told me I know how you feel, she does have a problem with us. He then went on to tell me that when he had politely requested the letter, she had told him that there was not any left. So the hubby had again politely told her that we really needed the dates on the letter. To which she shrugged her shoulders and turned to a teacher in the office and asked her to check her class room to see if she had any left. The teacher had come back and said no there was not any. So hubby was told no letters left.  So we did not know these dates for our child to visit the high school so what could we do? We could not let our child miss such an important time. So we called the high school. The high school said why did she just not print you a copy off the computer? So we explained, the high school were very good about it and emailed us the dates.

 As soon as we had another problem, we removed the children from the school and they are now both happier. But sometimes you have to complain and stand up when things are not right. You can expect a few cross words but crossed letters ???

Evening all x x x

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