Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 28

Have been catching up on the Sky Plus today, dear Reader, watched the first three episodes of The Syndicate, which is a fantastic drama set in Bradford. Really enjoyed the first series, so was glad to see it had come back for a second series. In one episode the Bradford Bulls' stadium was featured in the storyline

My hubby is a BIG Bradford Bulls fan and back in 1993 when I was a young nineteen year old, I spent many a Sunday with the hubby who was then the boyfriend trying to look interested in the game of rugby when between you and me, dear Reader, I do not understand the rules of rugby. One of the things I found up there on Odsal top every Sunday was that it was very cold. Rugby games where then played in the winter, and I am talking that long ago that Bradford Bulls were then still called Bradford Northern! So there I was every Sunday stood out freezing... until I came up with the ultimate plan. Now onesies are very popular now, but back then they were not that popular, but by chance I had been bought what at the time we called 'all in one PJs' by my Gran for Christmas--now they call them onesies.

My Gran was really good at buying presents and I always looked forward to what she would buy us. I miss her so much now, especially at Christmas... oops right were was I, dear Reader, oh yes cold and onesies. Well yes I came up with this plan dear Reader, why can I not just wear the onesie/all in one under my everyday clothes and coat. That would keep me nice and warm! Well so there I was and everything was going well; the first problem I encountered was going to the loo. It was very difficult but I made it. Then when I was at the match I was nice and warm, in fact too warm.

I never made it to the first half, dear Reader. Promptly passing out in the crowd. Hubby was very good leaving the match straight away to get me to the first-aid box. The doctor came to look at me, except he didn't he made straight for the window and kept on watching the match. So I was left in the good hands of an elderly St John Ambulance man, who was very concerned about me and thought it was my blood sugars so kindly gave me a sweet. 

Now remember dear Reader at the time I was nineteen and I was out with the boyfriend so I could not possibly tell them the real reason why I had fainted could I?  But I did put a stop to the kind man's request for an ambulance. Thinking that would be pushing it too far. So hubby had to leave the match early to take me home; the doctor never checked me over, never leaving the window, or leaving the match viewing; which looking back now I am glad, or I would have been wasting his time too. 

Now onesies are everywhere, I avoid them now--just looking at them makes me break out in a hot sweat!

Evening all x x x

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