Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 31

Today dear Reader, I have spent most of the morning on the telephone. Not having a nice chat and natter with a friend or family member either dear Reader, but on the phone trying to sort out my sixteen year old's National Insurance Number. Both myself and Master L spent time on the phone trying to get him his number so he can look for a part time job in the summer. It turns out the reason why Master L had not got his number was that it was sent to an old address. Which, even though the correct office must have been told our new address several times in the last decade, it would seem no one bothered to update the information passed on to them and so dear Reader it did take me the frustration of a morning on the phone to find out this was in fact what the problem was, after lots of phone calls had taken place chasing information up and then after all that we told, that they can just send a form out!

The hubby has started the DIY jobs around the house. 
"Do you know that old thermostat for the old central heating?" He says 
"Yes" I say. 
"I am going to remove it" he says. "It will leave a hole, but I will take it off the wall anyway" 
"OK" I say. So you see dear Reader, I can't complain can I when the hubby is not just cracking on with DIY jobs around the house that really need doing; but he is also spending time doing these simple other DIY dilemmas too.

Evening all x x x 

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