Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 295

Happy Christmas! Dear Reader, sorry I have not been around for a while. I have been busy starting my new treatment to have my Immune System switched off. So things health wise should improve a lot for me, with the only downside is how long can I fly solo without an Immune System? I have bought plenty of soup and even invested in a woolly hat! All to help when out in the cold weather, so I don't get a cold, which to me now would be a big thing and could make me really ill. I have to have my bloods and blood pressure done once a week too. Blood pressure and a high heart rate are side effects of the tablets. So it is important I avoid stress too.

Now back to Christmas. Did you have a good one dear Reader? We did. A nice quiet Christmas at home after last year shenanigans! Never again! Was no need for that at all. But I guess lots of people experience that sort of thing at Christmas. So a lovely quiet Christmas, with some nice presents exchanged and time spent with my own little family.

Did you watch the Queen's Speech, Dear Reader? I thought what she said made a lot of sense, alot of her speech matched my year too, when she talked about the man stuck in in plaster and not able to go out. I too have been stuck in ill most of the year too. In fact I think today it is a year since I started to feel really ill. And she is right, our Queen! It does make you reflect on life and it makes you think about life a lot. I think it changes you for the better. It is like a learning curve and you learn what is important and to give priority to and what should be left and is not worth worrying about. I am also grateful to do the job I do and that it is reading as without my books I do not know what and how I would have filled my time.

So now with all this thinking and reading, dear Reader, I am hoping that I am now more wiser and intelligent! 

Evening all x x x

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