Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Day 285

It's the most wonderful time of the year dear Reader, Christmas time! I love it! The run up to Christmas; the putting the tree up; the Christmas decorations; the Christmas shopping and everything! 

I love watching Christmas films too and I have discovered this great channel on Sky for Christmas films called Christmas/24.

And now with only days away to my appointment with the specialist. I am on my way to getting the best Christmas present ever... my health back! Although I am about to have my immune system switched off to improve my health. I am really looking forward to been much healthier next year and to actually be able to do simple things like going out more and getting back into life.

 Been stuck in watching my Christmas films, I have noticed a pattern to plots to these Christmas films, they always have a hidden meaning and you can count on a Christmas films to make you feel good! Most of the plots involve things like people who hold a grudge, even when they themselves have not behaved in an appropriate way and have expected people to forget their mistakes they cannot do the same themselves for other people. Or business type people finding out what the more important things in life are. And it all turns out for the better at the end!!! I love them!

Evening all x x x

Evening all x x x

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