Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 289

Well it is almost here, dear Reader, CHRISTMAS! So my much a waited appointment with the specialist is now only days away. I have been putting quite a gallery of pictures together on my gadget thingy of my skin at its worse, so the specialist can zoom in and have a good look. So hopefully he will not need to examine me then. Quite handy these gadget things are they not?

I wonder if Santa will bring me another gadget thingy for Christmas this year? I would be happy with some Wonder Woman slippers actually! I cannot work anything with a touch screen anyway, much to the entertainment of my teens, who find it highly amusing and entertaining watching me struggle with such a device and the mayhem I cause like deleting loads of my friends of my social media accounts by accident.

I only use my Kindle to  read books... I know it can do a lot more wonderful and fascinating things but I do not know how. I will have to be adventurous and have a play to see just what else it can do. But with loads of books to read and review it is finding the time and if I a honest I just do not dare risk loosing all the books I have on there, as I know this would be the most likeliest thing I would do.

So all the presents are wrapped. The turkey is in the freezer and... I know I have forgot something... But what? I have got the crackers and champagne... But I cannot think what it is I have forgot? I even tried that storing reminders to myself in my gadgets but I never set them right to go off and remind me.

What were we talking about dear Reader?

Evening all x x x

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