Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 239

My  skin specialist called me at home today, dear Reader. So things are getting moving now with my treatments. I am lucky to be in good hands and I also have many people who care about me and have given me good support about my condition. Like I said before you learn a lot about people when you become seriously ill.

Also today I booked Spook the Cat in for her yearly booster injections at the vets. It was spooky of Spook as I was chatting on the phone and booking her in, she suddenly sat up in her box all alert and really listening to me on that phone! She must know dear Reader as she even went out in the pouring rain!

Last time we took her to the vets it involved a lot of growling at other cats, so she now as to go to the doggy side of the vets with all the dogs. She also growled at the vet and then when the vet said she was done she straight away jumped down and got herself in her cat box--ready for the journey home. Amazing as it had taken me flipping ages to get her in her cat box in the first place to take her to the vets!

Evening all x x x

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