Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 249

Hello, dear Reader, Spook here--you know the star of this blog! This blog has a lot about me and I know you have noticed that my human owner has not wrote a post for a while,because she simply cannot use the laptop due to her hands being swollen and in bandages so after I had a little 'Paws for thought' I thought I would share with you my recent alien abduction story.

So here goes...                     SPOOK IN SPACE

It had started off as just another day, there I was minding my own business when suddenly out of no where I was suddenly ambushed and handled into a mini space craft. The vessel then took off and elevated at a gentle speed into the air and I was transported into the mother-ship. 

They must have known what a tough cat I am. Because they kept me in my tiny craft, and we then set off on a very bumpy and rough journey. I felt like I was on a boat out at sea. In very rough waters. Only I know what was happening to me as I am now thirteen years old and wise, very wise.

I had been abducted again by aliens. This happens to me every year, oddly at around the same time every year. I have learnt just to stay calm and just give a couple of growls now and then just to let these little spacemen know who is the boss.

On the journey they try to tempt me, pushing biscuits through the small air holes in my craft. But I am not having any. I have heard stories from the other cats, such tales as that they were turned into dogs and started to chase their own tails! Well this is NOT going to happen to me!

The mothership is stopping now and out I fly in my little craft and land at my destination. The planet I have come to known as... VETS. Here I am in a small space with other kidnapped animals some are physically shaking with fear.

Then my little craft takes off and lands on a table and a big bright light is shone over my craft as the alien opens my craft. The alien has one big shining light of an eye on its forehead and he wears a blue space suit. He tries to call me out. But I am not having it, so he removes my lid and begins his experiments on me. I try to remain as still as I can. But if I can I will get a quick bite in on his rubber tasting hand like I did last year.

I look around the room and I see he has also kidnapped my humans--well only three of them. One of them is ill so they must not have been good enough to be experimented on and left behind. Then it happens out of nowhere I am injected. What with who knows? I am then poked and prodded about with and even my poor little mouth is looked in. 

Before long it is all over and I am placed back in the craft. And transported back to the mothership and off we go again on a journey and I remarkably find myself back home.

So I jump back up at my window and fall into a very deep sleep.

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