Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 242

Nothing seems to last anymore, does it dear Reader? Take school shoes for instance, I bought Miss C brand new school shoes to start the new school term off--from a well known high street store and I paid a good price for them too. So you would expect them to last wouldn't you, dear Reader? 

Well the shoes only made it the the first half-term, so we are talking they lasted weeks. The heels had completely worn away leaving holes--they were in a real state, dear Reader. So off I have been today to buy new school shoes. Could I find any...? Not a chance. All round town I went. In and out of shops. The shoes that were on display did not look like they would last either. 

Finally I found some called Sketchers, which look a good strong school shoe that will last. But for how long only time will tell.

It was the same with board games. I wanted my children to have the fun of playing board games when they were children, like we did as children. So we bought them all--all the well known ones. Back in our child hood days they use to last didn't they dear Reader? But now and maybe it is to do with the reduction in sales of these types of things with the increase of gadgets such as game consoles and all the other gadgets available now, that the board game companies had to cut costs and use cheaper materials--because they no longer last.

My teens have now bought the computer game versions of many of these board games for their consoles. And we all do still enjoy playing these versions together as a family. It is also good fun to play these when you have visitors too. But it  for me is not the same as the actually board game. The counters, the dice. The spending hours setting up mouse trap only for the game to be over in no time!

Evening all x x x

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