Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 253

Today the hubby joined the 39 club, dear Reader, yes he is younger than me! I was thinking that maybe next year we might have a joint 40th Birthday party in our hometown. A Start Trek meets Grease party. Where the guests can dress up as either... 'beam me up Scottie' or... a wella wella hoop! 

Sounds like fun to me it is easier to have it over there as most of our families and friends are still living in our hometown. We will have a party where we live now too and then on my actually 40th I am taking my family out for a meal and on a special day trip out. Not sure what the hubby wants to do on his Big 40th--twelve months from today. I know he would like to go watch the Formula One, so I hope it is some location hot near his birthday and it will make a change from the cold November here in England. I of course would need all new clothes, shoes and handbags for such an event!

Our son Mr L, also turns eighteen the same year we hit the BIG 4-0 so maybe we will make it a triple party! Oh how he would love that a party with his parents!

Evening all x x x

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