Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day 261

I am getting caught up in all this Doctor Who 50th anniversary hype dear Reader. I would not even really call myself a Doctor Who fan either!

Tom Baker was my childhood Doctor Who--and Peter Davidson. I remember being really scared when Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davidson. More frightening than the Darleks or Cybermen to me.

Then I watched the new series with my children when they brought it back. But I did not get into it until the great David Tennant took over the role. Then to me it became good old fashion family entertainment. He was a hard act to follow and I could not get into Matt Smith when he became the Doctor--even though he did do a fantastic job I just liked David better.

And tonight he is back! Mr David Tennant is in a special episode of Doctorr Who along with Matt Smith. Two Doctors, it is going to be interesting. And Billie Piper back as Rose who now since marrying into the Fox acting dynasty has taken to talking rather posh! Golly!

Evening all x x x

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