Saturday, 2 November 2013

Day 240

The 40th Birthday invites are really coming in now dear Reader. I am lucky to have friends still that I was friends with at primary school and others from when I was a child too and many more I have collected along the way! I have already missed out on a few events that I have had to turn down due to my ill heath. A few weeks ago one was on a party bus around Bradford! exciting eh? I love it!

Still not sure what to do about mine. I would have liked to have a party back in my home town with all my Yorkshire family and friends but I can't see that happening now. Next week we have the family christening and I am really looking forward to going to that. Still not decided on what I am going to wear but it will be something new. 

I am really enjoying shopping for babies again too. There is so much cute and there is wonderful things to choose from. But do you stick with a traditional christening present? Give money or buy a gift or gift voucher? I think I am going to go traditional. So as the weather is really windy and rainy outside today I am shopping online--which usually means I will end up on eBay buying things I really do not need! But the things you can find on eBay!

I think it is with approaching forty that I have started to collect things from my childhood like Wombles-- things and Strawberry Shortcake and Little Miss and Mr Men--oh and Pacman too. All bought from eBay! It is amazing just how many hours you can lose on eBay buying pointless things. But it is really good fun-- especially bidding at the last moment.

eBay has become an indoor hobby!

Evening all x x x

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