Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Day 250

                                                       The Mystery of the Missing Marigold

It begun as any other day, the nightmare of getting two teens up and out of bed and ready and off to school in time. When this task was done, I then turned my attention to doing the big pile of clumsy washing up--left in the sink. So I reach out for my marigolds. Much needed at the moment due to my sore hands from my skin condition.

I only see one marigold so I look on the units; and in the sink; on the draining board and still no luck. So I look behind the kettle and microwave and even then still no luck! So I look in the microwave; in cupboards. Nothing. How can I wash up with just the one rubber glove? So I check the washer, dryer; Spook's box--I even look in the fridge. NOTHING.

The thing is, dear Reader, they are easy to spot too with their bright yellow colour. So where could it have gone. I have now wasted almost a hour on such a simple task that under normal circles would not be even worth mentioning. After all once done washing up is soon forgot about.

So in the dish washer everything goes. Now I am obsessed with finding my missing marigold so I lose another hour searching the rest of the house.... I am determined that I will find it... but NOTHING!

A move on to doing much more interesting things throughout the day and soon my little glove friend is soon forgotten about... until it grows dark and the hubby decides to close curtains and pull down blinds. I hear him call my name, so I rush into the kitchen. Look what had got rolled up and tangled in the blind when it must have been opened this morning... he says.... a marigold!

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