Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 208, 209 and 210

Well it was the hubby and I, 20th anniversary since we met and it was not off to a good start, I woke up feeling really, really ill, dear Reader. I manage to make it for our meal out, but knew I was in real trouble. I just felt hat at any moment I would just pass out. So when we got home I just tried to rest on the sofa, but it just got worse and worse. I began to feel really cold and could not stop shivering.

Knowing this time it was not an allergic reaction that was making me ill, I decided to call my doctors for advice, telling the receptionist my symptoms. Luckily they were willing to let the duty doctor take a look at me straight away. I had no energy at all, but managed to make it to the doctors and was called straight away in to see the doctor.

When I saw which doctor I was seeing my heart dropped. I had chose not to see this particular doctor ten years ago because I felt he did not listen and he was supposed to follow something up for me and he never did which meant it could not get dealt with properly.

So in I go to see him shivering really bad now and feeling even more poorly. All he was going to do was prescribe me steroids, even when I explained to him over three times that they did not do any good and that I would just be straight back when they had finished as they did not work. Also I explained that we had worked so hard for me to come off them. I also explained that I thought this was a different problem as I had not had these symptoms before. He now was actually typing the prescription up for steroids. Not really listening or thinking he knew best.

He then unbelievable said you need these now as if you don't your body temperature can be affected and you will not be able to control your body temperature and you will have to go in hospital! So I again told him that I thought that was perhaps the problem as I was shivering feeling really cold, but was hot to the touch.

I think then he actually took notice and he did then phone the hospital and I was admitted, because that was the problem, dear Reader, so I have been back in hospital to get fluids through a drain as the problem was caused by me losing so much skin it as affected my body temperature and I no longer could control it. They were going to keep me in while Friday but luckily after one night with the fluids been pumped into my vein I felt much better so twenty four hours later they allowed me home.

On the down side they have put me back on steroids but are keeping me on them all the time now as the problems for me start once I come off them, and how ill I become when I come off them far out way the side effects that steroids can cause when you are on them. They also gave me some more meds to protect me from those side effects. With the hope that once I am much better the dermatologist, will try me on the new immune system drugs. I am just so glad that I spoke up in the doctors or I would not have got the right help at all.

On the plus side, the hospital staff were wonderful, I had lovely meals, regular cups of tea and was well looked after. I also made new friends on the ward who I will stay in touch with.

I am now feeling much better now and our 20th anniversary will be one we will remember, me spending the night alone in a single hospital bed!!!

Evening all x x x

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