Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 231

Now since coming out of hospital, dear Reader, my washer machine as sounded like a rocket launching when it is its last spin cycle. Making the loudest most awful noise. I have mentioned on here before that my hubby is very clever and as an engineer he can strip a washer down and probably repair it...but as for loading washing and putting the washer on to wash this is a difficult task for him to master.

So I phoned the washer company as we have insurance cover and you know that annoying thing? That you are always correcting your name or your address and every time you call it is never updated? Well they have me down as a Mrs Skywalker! No idea why. They never change it so I just go along with it now. Not been able to resist a "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" as I end the call.

Well the washer repair man came out and we need a new drum so it is a whole week without a washer in this house. How will we cop?. No ironing is the plus but the washer is one of the most used appliances in this house so it will be missed. 

Evening all x x x

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