Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 225, 226 and 227

Another stay in hospital for me this weekend dear Reader. I was admitted with a very high temperature. My temperature was so high I have hardly any memory of me getting to hospital. Apparently the hubby had said I was also talking gibberish! Which as I am always waffling on good on him for being able to tell this was not my normal gibberish! Miss C is the one who apparently found me in a state of serious unwell. So proud of her for getting me help fast and for all that she did.

So it would seem my condition is getting worse. Just when I thought I had turned a corner and was getting better. I suppose dear Reader that since I have been ill now for almost a year it is to be expected. The body must only be able to take so much. But I do see a light at the end of the tunnel as when they did more tests in hospital they found from blood tests that there is a problem with my white blood cells. Which may mean it is what is suspected and that I have an auto-immune disease. 

So I have no choice now all my time and energy has to go in me finding out just what is the problem--finding the right medicines to control it and getting things back to normal. I would love this to happen for Christmas as all this started at that time last year so it would be nice to come full circle and for me to be able to look forward to next year been a lot better.

While staying in hospital I met a remarkable woman who was ninety years old dear Reader. She was wonderful--like a beaming bright light of lively energy. Although very ill herself, she was alert and lively and had such a huge charisma and personality. She is an inspiration. I think if you live your life positively and without bitterness and are not mean to others you can face most things more clearly and with a fresh energy that enables you to cope. And cope I will I know I can beat this and I know I have a lot of people willing me on to do so.  I see myself sitting in a deck chair on some fancy big cruise ship having a nice relaxing holiday with my family. My skin is clear and without pain. I know dear Reader that day will come!

Evening all x x x


  1. Positive thoughts winging their way from me, Nikki. Hope a diagnosis will come soon and will resolve matters. Chin up and all credit to you for facing this with such chutzpah. Get wel soon. Gilli x

  2. Thank you for your kind words Gilli x x x

  3. Sending u love and hugs Nikki xxx

  4. Thanks Carol x Sending them right back to you too and sending you lots of best wishes x x