Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 211

When you are allergic to something like shampoo, dear Reader, checking the ingredients is a long, complicated and time consuming task. All the ingredients have long boring names and there are usually lots of them to check. I am allergic to around forty different ingredients found in toiletries such as shampoo. 

Often what will happen is that I will think I have found a shampoo, only for me to react a few washers later.  Baby shampoo has fragrance in it. Simple products are not as 'Simple' ingredients as you may think. Same with medicated shampoos too.

My nickel and house dust mite allergies are much more easier to control, even with house dust mites being everywhere. But with fragrances it is so hard to find the right products. Why do they have to give the ingredients such long, boring names that take forever to check? Surly they could make them easier. My eyes cross over and I get really fed up and I switch off and lose interest fast. Something I should not do for something so important that could cause serious harm to my health.

I think there is a huge gap in the market for an easy shampoo to buy if you have this allergy. Basically all shampoos have the same ingredients. So unfortunately for me the only thing my head is getting is a headache trying to find the right product!

Evening all x x x

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