Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 236

Well I have made it back to the gym dear Reader! I have not been for seven weeks so it feels good! I also managed a nice walk too in the past couple of days I have been feeling much better. Great to be back out and about in the big world again. Also fitted in a trip to the hairdressers, dry cleaners and much more. So things are looking up! My normal life is beginning again!

Managed to get a lot of my books read in my to read and review pile with been stuck in for so long and now all the lovely Christmas books are coming in. I love it! Makes me feel all warm and cosy insidea nd not much help needed for extra warmth as well as my red hot feeling I cannot shake! 

People keep saying well if you are hot you can make yourself cooler and I am like NO--not for me. My body temperature stays at this hot temperature no matter what I do so there is nothing I can do! I am used to it now which is how I think I manged the gym and then it was only slow walking on the treadmill and pedalling cocoon style on a bike! 

Evening all x x x

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