Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 233

One of the things the doctors warned me about during the next twelve weeks until I go on my new meds is that I would be most likely to get high fevers a lot and at times I will be really poorly. I do feel hot all the time dear Reader. I had ended up in hospital last week because my temperature was so high.

Imagine feeling too hot all of the time and there is nothing you can do to cool down--that is me at the moment, dear Reader, and I have been like this for months. In fact it is almost twelve months now since I first got ill. I am handling it in general really well,and plus I am been pumped with steroids and many other drugs. I am proud of myself because I am coping and getting on with it. With only I think two incidents when I have snapped but in both cases I was pushed and people had been warned that my body could not cope and that it was making me hotter!

So back to the fever--I had one last night and all through the night. My temperature must have got so high that not only was a speaking more gibberish but I was halleucinating. I could see strange creatures floating around the bedroom and shadows moving in the walls. Luckily with a few tips from doctors and the care of my wonderful husband I managed to get my temperature down before I had to go to hospital.

It is a very scary thing when we get ill and have no control over what our body is doing. In my thirty-nine years this is the worst thing medically that as ever happened to me. Well that and when I have a really bad allergic reaction--but this is even worse than that.

I wonder why when we get such high temperatures we see such thing. I have done some research (well I Googled) and it is quite common for people like me with very high temperatures to see the same things I did. Weird isn't it dear Reader?

Evening all x x x

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