Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 224

Hello, dear Reader, well what a day it has been--or should I say night. What with everything going on last week and my repeat returns to hospital we only realised that tonight was only Mr L's GCSE presentation night at our local theatre. So after much a do about nothing it was a quick change for us all, and once suited and booted and heeled and dressed faster than a Superman change it was off we went.

And for a unexpected evening out it was a good one! Live music was there too so it was really good. Very proud of Mr L as he went on the stage to collect his certificates. We were not allowed to take any pictures instead you had to buy official ones and Mr L's is a good one and he looks so much like his uncle J on it.

Just so glad I made it too and managed to stay the whole way through. Must be getting things better and under control now for me to do that. Brilliant! It was not too far away from home either to go. So lucky all worked out in the end and for Mr L I am so glad!

Evening all x x x

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