Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 228

I am so lucky, dear Reader, it has been like Christmas here over the past few days. I have had lots of wonderful things arriving in the post to wish me well. I have lots of get well soon cards --you are spoiling me dear Reader! Thank you. Nice to know you are thought of especially when you are so ill. 

Well my illness is really putting up a fight but I am still fighting back. It is really attacking my body now and I am in a lot of pain and feel very poorly but I am back to the hospital in a couple of days (if I don't end up  in before) and I know they will look after me well. My skin is sore and I am like a big red tomato! I can't move and build up quite a sweat doing something as small as putting my shoes on!

But I know I will beat it dear Reader. My wonderful hubby has had to take time from work to look after me and the teens are on half-term so they have been helping me out too. I suppose this is my condition's one last big stand-off before I boot it up the bottom and send it packing! But I will win dear Reader and the day of me getting this under control is going to be soon.

Evening all x x x 

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