Saturday, 12 October 2013

Day 219

I am BACK!!!!!! Thank you, dear Reader for your kind concern as I have been AWOL these past few days. I was deeply touch to be missed and after a lot of talking and some very kind words and encouragement. I have decided to pick up my pen and put it to paper again.

So where have I been? Well it's my flipping allergy again dear Reader. My body temperature is caput and I have no control over my body temperature. So I cannot feel if I am hot or cold. Even worse I overheat or I shiver with cold. I shiver with cold when I am actually hot to the touch. The only way can tell if I am over heating is when I get a sweat rash on my neck an chest. Which earlier this week was mistaken for an allergic reaction, but we now know it is down to my body temp. 

So I am back and forth to hospital--needing fluids pumped into me. The problem seems to have been caused by the bad reaction I had and the losing of lots of lots of skin. This makes me more ill than the bad allergic reactions, it makes me really poorly and the hospital told me it is just as serious as a bad reaction. But as always I am determined to get myself better. I had beat it before and I will again.

They have now also done some more tests in hospital and like a broken down central heating system that I now am they are trying to come up with something to fix me.

So thank you so much for missing me, dear Reader. I missed you too, this gives me a focus and it really helps keeping my mind busy to keep winning the battle. It is good to be back !!!

Evening all x x x

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