Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 221

One of the things I really enjoy is when myself and my daughter Miss C spend a day shopping in town together. My Gran used to love shopping and I really enjoyed spending the day with her in town and I am happy now to be doing this with my daughter and hope this will give her some fun and happy memories like I am left with doing the same shopping with my Gran.

On our latest shopping trip, I seemed to do much better at spending than Miss C. My favourite clothes shop had a sale on. So I happily left the shop with a couple of bags of lovely clothes to cheer me up. Then they had some great books in the book store Like I need to buy anymore books--I must have sixty now in my to read pile.. but I bought them anyway!) 

But for poor Miss C, having had several ideas in her mind, of what she wanted to buy she could not find anything! We spent a while in WH Smiths too, but nothing dear Reader and usually Miss C can buy this shop out! 

It was good to get out of the house after my recent ill health and although we had to make a much needed lunch stop for me to rest. That is part of our day where we had a nice lunch. My son meanwhile was having a nice day with his dad looking around a university he wants to attend--so a nice father and son day was going on too.

I love our family days out together and I love my mum and daughter days. Next it will be mum and son day-- which I also love and dad and daughter day... somehow I don't think it will be either of us going shopping on those days!

Evening all x x x

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