Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 223

Oh there is nothing like a nice cappuccino to wake you up on a morning dear Reader! Why did it take me so long to discover such a delicious beverage, that not only tastes good, but helps make my brain work on full?

Enabling me to keep going all day on my one little cup of cappuccino. Lots of work getting done. For the first time in ages, dear Reader, I feel good! I hope it is not just my little wonder of a new discovered drink-- but that I have turned a corner and that I am finally getting better!

Who knows maybe really soon I can return to the gym! Go out where I want! And have my normal life back! One thing is for sure after months of being ill--I will look and appreciate life and things much, much better. I will never worry or get stressed over simple pointless things. I will take my family on a nice cruise and travel to some fun new places. I will buy myself a nice red bike with a wicker basket.  I will wear wellingtons and splash in puddles. I will eat ice-cream even when it is cold. I will no longer care when the hubby leaves his towel on the bathroom floor. I will go supermarket shopping without a shopping list. I will go see Strictly Come Dancing live and go to the live tour. I will learn a brand new dance. I will roller skate around the park everyday. I will buy OK magazine and read it. I will read the rest of the Adrian Mole series of books by Sue Townsend. I will sit through all the Lord of the Rings films and pay full attention. I will sit and watch the whole of Star Trek The Next Generation hubbies box set. (With hubby) I will take more photographs. I will never complain about the weather. I will play Pac-Man more. I will go to more Art exhibitions. I will have two doughnuts every Friday evening. I will buy a sheepdog and walk her everyday. I will always smile. . I will think with my heart and not my head. I will do all I can to be the best person that I can be and make my little world and for the people who share it with me to be a wonderful place to be!


Evening all x x x

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