Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 212

It is Strictly Saturday dear Reader! Almost time for Strictly Come Dancing which is the best television show on your telly! I love it. The dancing, the costumes, the glam--I am a huge fan of the show. Good old fashioned Saturday night family entertainment...

She says... well I have not exactly got my two teens into it--but I live in hope! I just love dancing and it is nice in this series to see Anton actually dancing and Dave's entertaining performance already shows that this series is going to be a good one!

I already have my favourites. Do you dear Reader? It is a superb cast this year and some cracking charisma shining out of their personalities. New dancers have been thrown into the mix and the lovely Tess and her fabulous dressers and love or hate him Brucie all make my Saturday night now for the next twelve weeks, as the winter nights draw in.

Saturday sparkles and sequins, can't wait!

Evening all x x x

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