Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 214

My poor cat Spook, since finding out that I an not allergic to cats but house dust mites that also live on our furry friends like Spook, she has not been allowed to go on the furniture. So we bought her a number of different beds in various sizes and shapes. We ended up buying different ones, dear Reader, because she would not sleep in any of them. Preferring (or purrferring) to sleep outside on the shed roof.

Knowing it is now October and the weather is getting colder and that for an old cat like Spook she needs to get her rest and sleep. I was running out of ideas. She does like to sleep on the living room window sill but can't get that comfy on there for a nice relaxing snooze. The windowsill is where she goes in what I call stand-by mode. I am sure cats go on stand-by like our TV sets. Able to shut themselves off without actually going to sleep.

Then an Eureka moment hit me! Why not just try her with a simple cardboard box? It would not cost anything and nothing to lose. So I sent the hubby into the garage (due to my allergy of course) to find a suitable box. Then I placed an old towel in it and waited for Spook to come back in.

When she came in she was curious, sniffing all around the box and having a good nosey and then it happened she got in she got settled and she has hardly left it since!

Proving cats really enjoy living the simple life!

Evening all x x x

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