Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 215

I am pleased to announce, dear Reader, that as a paranormal investigator I have found the truth into what causes crop circles and the most amazing thing was I did not even leave the house to find my discovery!

You see, dear Reader, my garden grass as become quite long due to the changed in the weather and the fact the hubby is no gardener (I can't do it again allergies) so anyway were was I dear Reader? Oh yes, so I am washing up looking out my window and I see on my grass what look to be crop circles. Perfectly round circles of neat flat patterned grass all around my garden.

Amazing I thought... brilliant. Evidence on my own doorstep. Smaller circles than you would find in the big farmers fields, but then again my garden is a lot smaller. So smaller garden could equal smaller crop circles. 

So off I go to get my camera, only on my return to spot Spook the cat in the garden. Making circular movements in the garden, like all cats do when they are settling down to sleep. Then up she gets and does it again on the other side of the grass where some sunshine is.

When she had moved,she left a perfectly formed crop circle!!!  With an amazing pattern! Therefore that is what causes crop circles! Case closed!

Evening all x x x

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