Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day 230

Up early and cappuccino in hand for an early appointment with my GP this morning dear Reader--so slowly now I am learning what's what about my condition. So here it is... for my condition I will most likely be put on some powerful drugs that will shut down my immune system as it does no longer work properly. This will then stop it constantly attacking my body and should give me control back over my body and enable me to also bring my skin under control. On top of this I will also have my allergies to deal with and keep under control.

However these powerful drugs do not give me full cover and immunity--by this I mean if I was to catch something or get another illness that could be my number up as I have no immune system to fight anything off. So that for now would be one danger. Oh but I intend to not let this happen and am prepared to fight! The other danger is stress. I know now last Friday my body shut down due to stress. It just simply cannot cope with it on top of my condition.

So how do you deal with such a thing dear Reader? Well I will tell you how exactly I am going to deal with it dear Reader by putting it to the back of my mind that is how. I intend just to get on with life and live it the best I can. I am determined to beat this. I attend to get myself well enough so that I can start and go back to the gym. I know there will be times over the next twelve weeks that I most likely will have to go into hospital but when that happens it happens. But the rest of the time I will be living my life.

I am opening my door on all the people who have shown their support and kindness to me during this difficult time and shutting my door on people who have caused nothing but unnecessary trouble and I am moving on. This experience has changed me and I am going to be putting my energy now into being the best wife and mother that I can possibly be!

Evening all x x x

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