Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 222

During my ill health, dear Reader, autoimmune disease as been mentioned many times. Firstly by my own GP. I am not sure how I could have got an autoimmune disease, but I can only guess it is perhaps damage to my immune system caused by having many bad allergic reactions this year. I will know more once I see my specialist again.

If I do have this, and I have yet to have this confirmed by the specialist, it looks like most likely this is the reason my allergies can not be brought under control. Like with an allergic reaction my body thinks it is under attack, but with this condition it feels it is under attack all the time. My white blood cells are are destroying normal healthy body tissue, thinking they are harmful allergens. This is a very similar hydro-sensitive reaction very similar to an allergic reaction.

So like I now have to live with my allergies, I would also have this to live with too. This too can be controlled with drugs called immunosuppressives. There are over eighty autoimmune diseases so it could take sometime before I find out which one I do have.

I have been told to avoid stress, as you can imagine, dear Reader. My body inside must already be rushing around like a stormy sea and stress would make this even worse. And I have felt this first hand. I am lucky though I personally do not have any stress but unfortunately I have some people who cause me it! I can just about manage on a normal day to day basis but stress makes me feel so ill and this is usually the times I have to seek help at the hospital and my condition gets seriously out of control for me.

When you do get ill it does become a learning curve and you do learn a lot about people. So I have been advised to surround myself with friends and family who will be supportive and in it with me for the long run. I have so many wonderful people who are in my life at the moment and that is what I am going to concentrate on...the positives. If you keep positive and have the right people in your life, you are half way to winning the battle.

For more information on autoimmune disease click this link

Evening all x x x


  1. hold on there... thinking of you.... sending you healing thoughts... xx

  2. Thank you so much for your support Petra. You are an amazing friend :) x x