Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 100

One hundred days of being thirty-nine, dear Reader, and I have discovered something today. The cold bath. A cool bath seems to be much better for my poor skin. I love warm baths--even really hot ones, but even I knew that when my skin flared up due to my allergy that hot baths had to be banned. Warm baths are nice and the thought of having a cold bath would really not appeal to me at all.

However when your allergy as been going on as long as mine has now, you get prepared to try everything. So off I went in a cool bath. I was surprised at just how quickly my skin felt smoother and so much better. I read that you only must stay in around fifteen minutes so I timed myself, thinking I would never last fifteen minutes without the temptation to reach out for the hot tap.

But I surprised myself, dear Reader, I found it okay. Now when I say a cool bath I don't mean a freezing one, although the water does go colder during the fifteen minutes. I can say it is like when you get in the swimming baths and it is cold at first but then your body just adapts. It is like that. Having a cooler bath apparently stops the body releasing histamines, and this stops the itching. Well it is working so far. Although it is going to take a while for my skin to heal, I have to say since doing this cool bath thing there has been a huge improvement. I also add a little E45 bath emollient too.

So now if I itch I hit the cool water, I have now got used to having a bath at 3am in the morning and hearing the birds start singing. I am hoping that as my skin improves further, so there will not be a need for so many cool baths.

Fingers crossed for me, dear Reader, that I could finally have found something that works.

Evening all x x x

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