Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 108

Join me in the garden today, dear Reader, with a pimms and lemonade. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. At last summer is here! The perfect setting for relaxing and reading for a reviewer like me and ireading is what I did. I am making good progress on my latest book.

What are you reading at the moment dear Reader? The thing I love about my job is that I get to read a good variety of books from all genres. I have learnt so many new and interesting things too with the amount of reading I do. In fact I have learnt far more than I ever did at school.

At high school we had a teacher who was supposed to teach us physics and every lesson he would take the register and then disappear for the whole lesson every week, occasionally popping back into the classroom for a few seconds. as a class of girls left alone with nothing to do for the hour and ten minutes the lesson went on, the only thing for us to do was natter and natter we did! So when the said teacher would pop back he would make us all stand on our stools, then he would disappear again and we would not get down off our stools until the end of the lesson bell went.  Quite why we would stand there like that when we knew the chances of him coming back were very slim, I do not know. Why none of us reported his disappearance to a member of staff I don't know either. This went on the whole school year. So for those of us who wanted to go on and do physics for GCSE had no chance.

I met a similar teacher when I was studying at college, she too would disappear after taking the register; but she never returned all lesson. This is shocking when I look back on it now because these were people studying for a career. 

I wonder where these teachers went, while they were getting money to teach. Probably having crafty fags behind the bike sheds!

Evening all x x x

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