Friday, 28 June 2013

Day 111

Rain, rain and more rain here today dear Reader. Spook the cat did not even want to go out today. I love this little thing she does of going to the front door and if she sees that the weather is bad she goes straight away to the back door and you open the door and it is still bad weather. It is like she expects the weather to be different when you open a different door.

When we were having the kitchen done she was happily walking through the door and when she saw the fridge had been moved into the kitchen doorway, she just kind of froze with the paw she was about to put down as she was walking in mid air and you could just tell she was thinking. "What the hell is going on here near my food?"

When they were doing their work on my kitchen the guys had their van doors opened on our drive, suddenly a big tom cat jumped out of the van and we were all amazed as no one had seen it going in. But as it jumped out Spook jumped it! There it was looking all innocent and it jumped out of the van only to have Spook pounce on him, stunning him. 

She is a tough cookie my cat.

Evening all x x x

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