Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 107

Who are you? Du  Du  (theme from CSI)  Today I have worked my way through quite a few CSI's, while I tackled a mountain of ironing. Watching episode, after episode I noticed something strange is going on with Nick's hair. Has he coloured it or is it a wig? Fans of CSI may have noticed this too. Has he coloured it or is it a wig? Worth an investigation in it's own right that is. I hope you are a fan of CSI, dear Reader, or you will not have a clue what I am talking about! Mr Ted "Cheers" Danson is in CSI now and his hair deserves it's own spin of show in its own right.

I am still hooked on Knots Landing too. Although mot enjoying the present series as much as the last. I finished all my Juliet Bravo box sets :( I really enjoyed that. I like a bit of telly time. Usually when I am ironing is my telly time and catch up with the Sky + 

Also if you work in television, then of course you have to like television. I have met many other actors who state they never watch telly. Why? When it is your job and you love what you do then why would you not watch telly? I can understand the ones that say they do not like watching themselves on television, but when you have worked on television programmes and you see just have much time and effort goes into the production, why would you never watch any TV?

It's a bit like a sailor not liking the sea!

Evening all x x x

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