Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 112

Strange dreams again, dear Reader, first of all I had a naked woman haunting my  bathroom. Whenever I entered my bathroom for a shower I was unable to do so because the naked ghost would already be in the shower. I chose just to ignore the ghost and as she only seemed to be in the one room it was easy just to avoid her. So I never found out who she was in my dream or to what and why she had chose my shower to haunt!

Then in the second part of my dream, I am walking through the park on my own. Something that would never happen in real life after the warnings and stories I got from my mother about what can happen if you walk through the park alone. So I am walking through the park on my own when I suddenly have some flowers in my hand and I decide to float them down the canal. I wanted to do this for a quiet reflection to remember my gran. Then, for no logical reason that would make sense in real life, I take one of the flowers and eat it. No idea why, I think I thought that these were actually edible flowers. After having a bite I clearly knew these were indeed not edible flowers and that they tasted like flowers. I throw my bunch of flowers on the floor and I was suddenly no longer in the park, but in the Mere at Scarborough that we would frequently visit walking the dogs with my grandparents.

People were walking their dogs around the Mere, when out of the group of dog walkers a golden Labrador runs over to me and took a bite out of my finger--not letting go I asked the group of dog walkers who the dog belonged to and that I would now have to go to hospital for a tetanus injection and could they kindly remove their dog from my finger. To which none of the group of dog walkers claimed it was their dog and that they had no idea who it was with.

I would like to have ended my dream recall, with some fascinating ending, dear Reader, but this is when I was awoken by the hubby leaning in for a kiss and scaring me half to death when I opened my eyes to see his big green eyes staring down at me.

I only hope my dream picks up from where it left off tonight so I can have some understanding of what it was all about and a conclusion to the story. But it is most likely to be just like a television series that ends on a cliff-hanger and then get cancelled.

Evening all x x x

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