Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 93

Feeling much better today, dear Reader, managed just to take it easy and got on with my reading. Then the eight steroids I am on must have kicked in as I managed to work through a mountain of ironing, watch Sherlock and catch up on my Knots Landing on Sky +.

I have said before that my teens are really thrilled about me being allergic to broccoli and the fact we can't have it anymore. I should have known I was allergic because one time I was cooking dinner and I seemed to have a lot of broccoli on the go in the pan and I thought this is never going to get eaten so I decided I will eat some while it is cooking, after all, it is good for you to eat vegetables raw. Well the next thing I knew I was on the floor and had come round on the kitchen floor right by the oven--no warning and no signs of fainting whatsoever. I felt so ill and it was the strangest feeling. The doctor did see me straight away at the emergency clinic. I was shaking and sweating. But sadly she was not a very good doctor and she diagnosed me as having a virus. I did say to her I don't think it is because I have the strangest feeling and I felt ill like I had never felt ill before. Just goes to show what happens if you get a wrong diagnosis. It slows everything down to get you fixed and on the mend. The big difference for me was when I saw some brilliant doctors.

 A lot of food contain nickel, one of my allergy triggers, so a lot of fruit and vegatables I do have to avoid now. Things like: broccoli, carrots, peas, cauliflower, spinach, canned vegaetables, brussel sprouts, sprouts, pears, tomatoes, canned fruit cocktails, bananas, rhubarb, raisins and dried fruit are all banned for me now and many more foods. So in my case a lot of fruit and vegatables are bad for my health.

Well I did not sleep too well last night and so my list making was in over drive. I find I make lists when I can't sleep. Lists of things that need doing. Lists of things we need. Lists about lists that I completely forget about once I have fallen asleep and woke up the next morning!

Evening all x x x

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