Friday, 7 June 2013

Day 90

PE and Drama teachers can make or break a child's confidence. They have the power to do good or bad in the jobs that they do. I recently wrote an excuse note for Miss C for a genuine reason why she could not do PE. Miss C's teacher chose to ignore my note and to make Chloe do PE anyway. My daughter is almost in year 10 and this must only be her third note for not doing PE.

I was so cross, dear Reader, that I contacted school straight away. The issue being why did this teacher feel she knew better than me what was best for my daughter and why on earth did she not phone me first and check? Miss C felt forced into doing PE and humiliated too.

My daughter as told me she is often shouted at by her PE teacher, with regards to her physical ability in PE and put down. I am so cross about what as happened to my daughter in school. The response I got back from the head of year just was not good enough. In my opinion the easy way out has been done and the problem as not been dealt with at all. 

I think the PE teacher knows Chloe hates PE and she got great pleasure out of making her do it, even when I had sent a note in.

I will take further action in regard of this issue. The teacher has crossed a line and is bang out of order, going over my head like that. My note should have been enough to make her not do PE anyway was just cruel and wasn't called for.

Evening all x x x

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