Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 96

Anytime now Spook my cats secrets will be up, dear Reader. I am about to watch Horizon and it is all about pet cats that have had GPS cameras put on their collars, so we can actually get to know what our cats are up to when they are out and about. It is going to be a really interesting watch.

The Secret Life of a Cat. Fifty cats one small village. What do they do once they leave the cat flap?  This is a proper scientific experiment, dear Reader. Surprisingly not a lot is known about our friendly felines. About their behaviour and what they do get up to. It is amazing that out of all the animals we have huge information on, that we know nothing about our cats who live so close to us. You would think we would know everything but we just do not about their outside behaviour.

I saw a little of Spook's outdoor live this morning when strangely she was attacked by a magpie, this was on our front lawn this morning. There Spook was minding her own business, when a magpie started shouting ( I know magpies don't shout but it is only the way I can best describe it) Anyway it was circling Spook squawking (Ha Ha that is the word I am looking for!) and  had it's wings out. Spook was not bothered she did not even stir,just carried on lying there not taking any notice.

Then all of a sudden the magpie went behind Spook's back walked up to her and bit her tail!  While Spook was not looking. She did look but again was not too bothered. So it did it again, this time really squawking at her. Spook just lied down submissive like cats do when they are showing other cats that they are not a threat. But our mad magpie was not having that, wings out he had another go. But by this time Spook had, had enough and she sprang up and got into stalking ninja mode and then she sprung chasing the magpie and it was quite a comical sight the magpie running off on it's legs in a comical way and not flying off!

Evening all x x x

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